prada, ysl, and alaia…oh my!



want to

come live with me?

and just like that (fingers snap) my freelancing on the secretive project is over.  i suppose i can share a teensy bit of information now that it’s wrapped.  i was working behind the scenes (schlepping and assisting the stylists) on the photoshoot for the lookbook that accompanies the annual SCAD fashion show.  it was rewarding on a number of levels: i got to work with incredibly talented peeps (eli schmidt, michael fink, kym canter, jenny capitain), got to fondle more than a few pairs of shoes that i will not own any time soon, and felt as though i was involved in “fashion” again for the first time in a long time.

i'll take you both.

holy effing smokes.

this is the second year that eli photographed the lookbook…and if last year’s book is any indication, mixed with what i saw on saturday, it is going to be INSANE.

my history with SCAD in general is a long one, for brevity’s sake i’ll give you the shorthand: moved to savannah on a whim (best impulsive decision, ever) to attend SCAD for undergrad, graduated from the fashion department, moved back up north, then after three years of working in “the industry” in nyc, moved back to savannah to take a job in SCAD’s fashion department (and be with my man), worked for SCAD for little over a year, left to pursue dream of being professional baker (ill-chosen whim)…now in the infancy of starting my own business, have been asked to assist as needed on special projects.  this particular project was exhausting, thrilling, and inspiring…i cannot wait to see the finished product.  may 15th.  exciting stuff, indeed.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “prada, ysl, and alaia…oh my!

  1. bh

    you were missed, alot of fashion for me. good to have you back!!!!!!

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