i had such high hopes of giving you all sorts of blogging goodness today…but i’m working on a two part post that is, in my eyes, epic.  so, i give you a small collection of images that have been gathering dust on my desktop.  because i like to share.  especially with you, delightful reader.

one of savannah's lovely squares...lived in a building on this one in college. fond, fond memories.

glittery, softer than a baby's bottom t-shirt. with red lip and gray cotton ribbon. (and huge hulking handbag, natch)

one of my favorite pairs of shoes. of all time. please forgive the lack of pedicure.

my current literary distraction. twilight, it is not. it's due back at the library tomorrow, i sense a late and spooky night.

this side bang braid is so not fresh...i spied it on a middle-aged housewife in the publix this weekend. thankfully, i don't give too much importance to being on.trend.

and with that, i am off to read in to the wee hours of the night…morning?  and gather my strength for my uber-posts to come.

xo, anne


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