the delicate and dainty

hi there.  i pulled a bit of a disappearing act yesterday (a houdini as my dear, clever friend chrissy would call it)…lets just say that there was cleaning involved, a majorly bruised instep of my right foot (my bike bit back against my inappropriate footwear), and the day just got away from me.  but i have lots for you today…starting off with some dainty knit flower brooches:

finished brooches, a birthday gift for a lovely lady.

double flower brooch in clay and cream

all cream dainty flower, posed on its pouch.

i knitted these as a gift for someone whose tastes run a little more subdued than mine.  i sometimes forget that not everyone follows the dictum of more is more and bigger is better (the sentiment most often applied to my jewelry and accessories).  despite my unwavering love for the over the top, i actually ended up loving the smaller, more delicate flowers and will be adding them to the etsy shop by the end of the week.  they are knitted with a much thinner cotton yarn than the original makingpretty flowers and i think that i will probably add some to my personal knit flower arsenal as well.

more to come later, my loves.

xo, anne


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