celebrations, reconnections, and marathon reading sessions

well, hello monday.  so nice to see you (kind of).  lets do a quick weekend re-cap, shall we?  i find it helps me ease into a new week…

friday night was the alumni reception to kick off alumni weekend.  caitlin and i attended and represented for all of our magical friends who were elsewhere.  it was a lovely party and maybe allowed us to dream up bigger and more apropos plans for a five year reunion in may.

part of my accessory ensemble. armchair (lovingly gifted by my mom and sister) and the spider brooch from makingpretty on etsy.

we arrived as the sun was setting and casting gorgeous golden light on everything.

we have known each other for eight years (we did the math, which is a struggle between the two of us) and may be one of the all time best comedy teams.

after the party ended we wandered (after changing into shoes that were not torturously high) over to forsyth park where they were playing up!

hello, blurry lights and lots of people. we're coming to join you.

we met up with our lovely, amazing, and far too infrequently seen friend, ben and his brother.  they had staked out the perfect little picnic spot in the heart of the throes of the crowd.  we missed the beginning of the movie, but i have seen it enough times to be able to just moon over dug and kevin…and frankly, every other detail of this achingly wonderful movie.  (sidenote: it doesn’t hurt that i watched it with my family on christmas day, while ensconced in a snuggie…that memory has forever imbued a huge dose of magic on top of an already fantastic flick).

saturday was the sidewalk arts festival, which we unfortunately skipped due to the weather.  we ran errands, and did some other rainy saturday activities and then headed out to the beach to see evan’s dad.  we had a cozy dinner with him and relaxed…pretty much the rest of our weekend (blissfully) followed in much the same manner.  eat, relax, read, sleep.  repeat.

i procured a pile of yarn to knit into all manner of pretties.

and a new stack of books to read late into the evening.

i managed to tear through the entirety of amanda hesser’s “cooking for mr latte” yesterday afternoon.  the book looks and sounds like chick-lit drivel (from the cover and the title) but was actually a gorgeously well-written book with innumerable perfect recipes sprinkled throughout.  evan was reading over my shoulder at one point and had to stop because it was making him hungry.  i also put quite a dent in milan kundera’s “the book of laughter and forgetting” which was also very good.

all in all, a gorgeously gray, perfect weekend.  and today kicks off the beyond words spectacular lineup that is scad style…more to come on that later.

xo, anne


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