monday, mallis monday

a lot of fantastic events are nestled on this beaut's pages.

yesterday i spent a lovely, leisurely morning catching up with a friend over coffee and then embarked on an equally happiness-inducing task: selecting accessories for a photo shoot i’m assisting on this weekend.  more on that later…and then i got myself showered, changed and was out the door for a very exciting afternoon (after being accosted by a census worker, we sent ours in weeks ago, lady!)…

yesterday's vessel for my myriad accoutrements.

shoes, bag, hem. excerpts of a look.

more snippets of the look. cannot get enough of these brooches piled together. obviously.

the kickoff to scadstyle, an event that i am thrilled about.  it’s essentially two weeks of luminaries and pioneers from the style, retail, design and fashion industry visiting savannah and atlanta (scad, really) and giving lectures or participating in panel discussions.  it is an unbelievable opportunity to learn more and be inspired.

i attended fern mallis‘ lecture yesterday and it was great.  my favorite sound byte was her closing remark: “people always ask what the most important piece to have in your wardrobe is.  a full-length mirror.”  amen, fern.  it was great hearing her story about the inception of fashion week.

view from a badass sunroof. literally the whole roof opens.

afterwards i had a powwow of sorts with my girl, becca, of heartsallover fabulousness.  all in all it was a great day…topped off with a fantastic dinner at home with evan and a stroll around the historic district.

storm clouds and a full(ish) moon.

the weather was looking pretty menacing and i got kind of excited thinking about being lulled to sleep by thunder, but alas, it never arrived.

more later.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “monday, mallis monday

  1. 1. i love that my sunroof is “bad ass” indeed.
    2. can you say, helllooo kelly?
    3. i heart you. tons.

  2. bh

    sticks & stones can break my bones…

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