all dressed in black, black, black.

outfit numero uno.

yesterday was a doozy.  in the best way possible.  i struck out on the town in the morning to scout out more fabulous accessories for the shoot i’m assisting with.  wearing the above ensemble.  which was great, except that my vintage full-skirted dress has an incredible affinity and penchant for getting lifted on any and all breezes that cross its path.  and yesterday was gusty.  to say the least, i was constantly on the alert, ready to cover the goods.

after that fun adventure i headed back to the apartment and did a quick outfit change in preparation for kelly cutrone’s scadstyle lecture.  more black.  on black.  with a handful of knitted flower brooches thrown in the mix for good measure.

i will not and cannot lie to you, i was utterly charmed by kelly.  she had a wonderful, endearing, self-effacing quality.  and her knowledge and analysis of the fashion industry was beyond.  just great to hear what she had to say about the power and totality with which new media has changed an industry that resists change usually.

i also loved her for referring to twitter as “the new hieroglyphics” .  hilarious, yet so apt.  another topic she expounded on that hit me at my core was her decree to “follow your intuition, do what you feel you should do.”  which, i finally only fully embraced…the whole blog and etsy store are what my heart had yearned for, for so long and i am thrilled that i have allowed myself to get here.

my partner in crime, as per usual, was lovely miss beccapants.  which.was.magic.  care to see some of our antics?

becca. handling her biznass.

the scent of rain commencing captivated me.

crafting some hieroglyphics.

and just a little farewell photoshoot, captured by becca’s fantastic husband.  because he too, is magical.

she was on the fence about leaving me. (off camera: anne laughing so intensely it looks like her head is on the verge of exploding)

caption for all following images: uproarious laughter.

look, a soul patch!

no lack of fun here, friends.

today’s post is terribly late because i (quite uncharacteristically) got swept up in some major cleaning slash furniture moving.  thanks to my amazing friend, allyson…who spent more than three hours taming me and my insane office slash wardrobe into something that is more than i could have hoped for.  miracles do happen!  a little sneak peak?  ok!

armoire: color coded, re-organized, and moved into the bedroom. hello, pretties!

and i am spent, kids!  cleaning really takes it (it being: vim, vigor, will to live) out of me.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “all dressed in black, black, black.

  1. bh

    very nice post.
    accentuate the positive, leave the negative behind by all means!!!!!!!!

  2. um, you? well you, my friend, are amazing.
    loooove this. love you. and love our magic. xo.

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