the cupboards are clamoring for it.

helllllllo. i interrupt my scadstyle related coverage to bring you a little something that i discovered this week…and am now obsessing over.  i don’t know if all the dust i inhaled yesterday in the clean-a-thon did something to my brain, but i feel as though i am slipping into some sort of cleaning slash organizing frenzy.

because, i am now lusting after a moleskine recipe journal.  which isn’t all too surprising, given how much i enjoy cooking and how often i tear out (with wild abandon) recipes from my magazines.  unsurprisingly, this combination has left me with a messy, unkempt pile of crinkled and splattered upon pages that threaten to spill from the cabinet in which they live every time i reach for my salad bowl.  i have managed to live (nay, thrive?) under these conditions for almost two years.  until this week.  when i first glimpsed the beauty that is this recipe collection-keeper…then i went to stalk it online today and apparently i am not alone in my love for it, because there are not many left out there in the internets.  which, of course only makes me want it more.  behold.

image via amazon. they are lacking actual journals though. boo.

i feel slightly better about not having one, now that i have shared this with you.  but i do not know how long that can last.  i want to make this magical little book mine.  and organize my motley stack of recipes into a glorious, pretty anthology.  i’m pretty sure that i overdid the cleaning yesterday.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    cleaning? cleaning? over did? maybe making up for lost years???

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