out of the races and onto the track

ummmm, apparently lilly pulitzer barbie was loose on the streets. i heart this car.

phew!  well, the first week of scadstyle is over.  and while i am feeling uber inspired and excited and on track with all i’m doing, i am so ready for a little respite from all the magical panels and lectures.  if only to try to digest all i’ve seen and heard.  plus, i need to plot out what i will be wearing next week, duh.

a neckful of strands and stones.

i want to share a few more of my favorite moments.  i saw the well-heeled christiane lemieux of dwellstudio on thursday afternoon…loved her, loved her shoes (did i already mention the shoes?  oooh how about the tunic?  and the necklace?  loooved the necklace), loved her advice on the steps to successful entrepreneurship.  she offered up her advice for starting a successful design business in our current climate…fortunately, i was able to check, check, check my way down her list.  minus the (apparently incredibly important) funding.  no big deal!

because i was so harried on thursday evening and the entirety of friday, you will have to accept and enjoy multiple shots of thursday's first get-up. k?

thennnnnn, today (friday?  friday.) i pulled the incredible feat of catching the panel discussion “from magazine to monitor: the rise of the blog” which had an UN.BELIEVABLE. panel (and moderator).  i was so dazzled by all the whole of it, i don’t think i managed to absorb much.  the panel included rita konig (of domino and now t: the new york times magazine blog fame), nick olsen, eddie ross, jaithan kochar, and was moderated by michelle adams (of lonny magazine and rubie green fame).  it was an interesting discussion on print vs online content, and the future and crossover between the two mediums.  my absolute favorite sound byte from this one was when discussing the negativity and meanness that is sometimes (all too frequently) bred online.  nick said “real life is nothing like college.  it’s high school.”  yes, unfortunately it can feel that way.

are you sick of these yet? i am.

and moving right along…tomorrow i am assisting with the styling on a photo shoot for a local magazine.  very excited.

xo, anne


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