closed window blues

ah, the beginning of another week.  a sweltering one at that.  last night we had to turn our air conditioning on for the first time this year.  i am wondering if the lovely days of sleeping with our (one and only functioning) window open are over until fall (october? november?).  but i don’t mind so much because i got to spend a magical morning at the beach on friday (my compensation for working inside all day on saturday).  and there are so many blooms near our house that smell incredible.  i was literally stopped in my tracks by these yesterday afternoon.

i don't know what you are....

but you both smell amazing.

i did manage some knitting yesterday and this morning…my own version of a ruffly white bloom.  it doesn’t smell anywhere near as good as those flowers but i love it all the same.

hi, pretty.

the photoshoot i assisted on this weekend went really well and enabled me to sleep like a baby.  our other big event for the weekend was celebrating our friend’s first wedding anniversary last night (happy anniversary nick and allyson!!!) by eating the top tier of their wedding cake and watching the video of their big day.  all in all it was a wonderful weekend and i’m ready for another bustling week.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “closed window blues

  1. bh

    makes me laugh…better to be eating the wedding cake than a SHARK EATING the BRIDE and GROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i think the second flower is tea olive – which smells deeeeeelicious! (said just like that) almost makes you want to keep your window open and sweat, it smells so lovely 🙂

    • ooooh caroline, you are a genius! and it does smell deeeeeeeelicious (not sure if i have the correct amount of e’s in there)…walked by it again today and almost forgot how sweltering it was. almost. xo, anne

  3. Hi Annie, Your website and “products” are simply wonderful and the site is so full of class. You have the type of site I would love to have sometime.

    I have been developing a line of cards that I am selling. As soon as I have a sample pack I will send them to you as I would very much appreciate you take and/or suggestions.

    I look forward to your updates and to find some gifts for friends on your site in the future. Wonderful taste.

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