a love letter.

a happy happy mix of marimekko sheets, anthro bedskirt, wicker dresser, and vintage ghurka.

among many many other talents, my grandma is in possession of an enviable stock of accessories.  she has great taste and can pull off a pantsuit like no one else.  her wardrobe is vast.  my grandparents have downsized residences but in their old house her sartorial kingdom hung in multiple closets (in all of the bedrooms) and when i used to go to their house i would try to figure out ways to convince her to let me play dress-up in her multitude of garments.  i was obviously not wily enough, i never pulled it off.  over the years though she has been more than generous in sharing goodies with me…a vintage clutch here, an amazing hat there, or maybe a handful of blouses for good measure.  i have loved all that she has bequeathed to me.

she is loyal to a number of brands, but it is her devotion to the bags by ghurka that has really made an impression on me.  she owns lots of them, in a myriad of shapes and sizes…all of them impeccably cared for and well loved.  classic in fabrication, neutral in color, safari-esque in feel.

i hadn’t given these bags much thought, besides making a mental note of which one she chose for our excursions together.  that is, until i was perusing good old ebay one day last spring.  and i stumbled upon a vintage, perfectly broken in, and just-the-right -size ghurka bag.  for a mere fraction of what they retail for.  long story short: i bid, i won, i received, and promptly forgot about this magical new vessel.  until approximately a year later (last week).  who knows what jogged my memory, but i pulled this little bag out of retirement and have been carrying it faithfully ever since.

my new (and thankfully much smaller) bag friend.

i found a no. 25, the collector.  it holds: a moleskine notebook (always have at least one with me), camera, cellular device, jcrew glittery wallet / card case, numerous lippies and my keys.  with room for a few more odds and ends, if need be.  it is proving to be my best ebay find to date.  and it doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of my lovely grandma (who i share a birthday with and used to call ‘cookie’) every time i carry it.

whatcha got in there?

taking a break.

love.  may this be just the beginning of my own collection of perfect ghurkas.  all in khaki twill.

you can learn more about ghurka here, here, and here.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “a love letter.

  1. bh

    absolutely marvelous.

  2. i loooove this bag. beyond (and you knoooow this).
    um? you (and cookie) are ah-mazing. xoxoxo love you!

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