scene and seen, rainy day version.

view from my desk. rainy day scene.

yesterday was a doozy.  i spent the morning schlepping (new favorite pastime?) accessories in the kind of humidity i have not seen since last summer.  savannah slapped me upside the head as a reminder.  it was the sort of steamy, gray, humid morning that you hate to leave the house for.  but.  magnolias are ablooming around this magical city.  which makes everything ok in my book.

upon return to the apartment i did some work at my desk and watched as the rain fell at turns heavily and in light drizzles.  which led me to ruminate on what the hell to wear to last night’s panel (more on that fabulousness later).  rain presents a definite challenge, as you rely upon the impediments of trench, boots, and umbrella.  in the end i gambled big by choosing only the umbrella from the rain protecting trifecta.  and strapped on some soft, gray heels in lieu of wellies.  fortunately my gamble paid off.  it was pouring when i ran gingerly to magical becca and chris’ car but seemed to slow as time passed.

keep that rain at bay!

we made it (despite inclement weather) to see the panel discussion behind the screen: bringing fashion online with kelly framel from the glamourai (love this blog), jen hyman from rent the runway, and lauren sherman from fashionista.  it was another great discussion (seriously, scadstyle is insane this year) on the future of fashion and retail.  i feel so fortunate to be able to attend these events and glean inspiration from such talented and intelligent people.

twirling my umbrella a la 4 year old anne.

me, my ghurka, and world's cutest umbrella.

take two. rainy day ensemble, success.

evan and i had a fantastic, low-key night at home…discussing our two year anniversary of co-habitation (!) and my impending (and last minute) trip to see my family (!!!!) while i tackled some knitting and evan chuckled at reruns of the office.

a good (doozy of a) day, indeed.

xo, anne


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  1. Caroline

    love love lovinggggg those shoes! scadstyle sounds i n s a n e from your reports… maybe next year i’ll make it!!?

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