northward bound.

pretty pretty pretty in purple.

hi there.  i can explain my absence.  it’s a little issue i have called pre-travel freakouts.  i’ll get to that in a minute.  but first, i come bearing two yellow outfits from yesterday.

early afternoon yellow

early evening yellow

scadstyle closed yesterday.  much to my dismay (mixed with a little delight to not have to plan outfits daily).  i made it to a panel on the importance of handmade and one of a kind.  then i planned on going to the final event which was a lecture by hamish bowles.  which i missed.  but!  i had the joy of making a happy discovery: the ghurka also comfortably fits a bottle of wine!  good. to. know.

i have had a bit of an issue with getting anything accomplished today.  because of my anxiety involved with my impending trip.  don’t get me wrong, i am thrilled about going to see my family.  but i have major packing issues.  i allllways over pack.  and manage to forget something crucial like, underwear, for example…and have a surplus of unnecessary items, like big, dangly earrings (which i never add to my mix anyway).  but, i digress (mainly as a means to avoid going into the bedroom to pack).

tonight evan and i are going out to indulge in a fancypants dinner out at a fabulous restaurant (courtesy of my magical magical mom) and will be celebrating our past two years of living together.  and i suppose i cannot allow myself to go out and enjoy myself until i’ve packed.  and i can’t begin to pack until i enjoy a photo montage of my incredible family (motivational technique to induce desire to pack)…and so here i go.

the trees all the magic fell from.

kev and kev.

kev and boy kev.

the proper way to adorn an oven.

my mom got her captain's license last time she was in savannah.

more kev and kev.

and with that, friends i am off to pack (fingers crossed i don’t forget anything) and then enjoy a magical evening with evan.  and then i am on a plane early early early tomorrow to go see people (and kitties) i don’t get to see nearly enough.

i’ll have dispatches from the joyfully cooler north.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “northward bound.

  1. cynara

    i have that exact same picture of myself or chris in that tiny little boat in savannah…also…how long will you be home for on this little vacay?

    • cynara, my love! love that about you and chris. i get home tomorrow morning and leave thursday night, it was a last minute thing…would looove to see you though! will call you once i’m safely ensconced at my parent’s.

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