holy moly, me oh my.

greetings from the chilly garden state.  i made it without any issues early saturday morning and have been thoroughly enjoying myself (despite the chill in the air and the blustery wind).  there has been a whole lot of quality time with the family and more than a few hearty laughs.  many of those laughs are owed to the best present ever (courtesy of my magical sister to my magical mom for mother’s day)…a tandem bike.  but lets refer to this beaut by her proper name: the iron horse.  behold:

not only an "iron horse", but aptly an "amigo". BEST.EVER.

paige and i first went to take her for a test ride.  wherein i (predictably) was improperly dressed.  you may remember i mentioned the gusty winds?  well, this genius wore her full skirted vintage shirtdress, which coincidentally caused wind issues in savannah as well.  lets just say that the gents at the bike store got a nice little mother’s day wind show.  and that i promptly came home and changed into more appropriate garb for the two mile ride from bike store to our house.  because that sort of flashing is just a wee bit inappropriate for a sunday, right?


paige is a genius.

the streets may not have been prepared for this level of amazingness.

going for the gold.

we learned all sorts of new vernacular relating to biking of the tandem nature.  such as the person in the front being the captain and the rear pedaler being the stoker.  apparently (as i now know all too well) the stoker takes all of the “pounding” (owner of the bike store’s words, not mine.  swear) aka absorbs all of the bumps the bike hits.

paige and i were asked if we were twins.  which i love.

i am silently willing time to move more slowly.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    f, fu, fun, funn, FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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