woodie means “gift of god” (according to my mom)

a very big and enthusiastic to my one and only (and mind-bogglingly magical) brother woodie!  would you like a taste of our celebrations?  i can definitely indulge you…

birthday greetings...

on our front walkway...

another brilliant idea from genius paige.

paige in action...

we were a vision in our pajamas on the chilly sidewalk as people passed by on the way to work.

a happy "o"

loves the love.

the cake. another shout out to paige's brilliance...mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream cake.

make a wish. sorry for the one trick candle, it was not deliberate. but it was hilarious.

it was such a lovely and happy day, getting to celebrate with my sweet, handsome, stylish and one of a kind little brother.  it’s the first time in three years that i’ve had the privilege of being present for the celebrations.  i love my family.  not sure if that comes through in these posts.  (kidding).

i also chopped off a good five inches of length from my locks today.  pictures are forthcoming.

xo, anne


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