remember me?

shalom.  happy monday.  please accept my sincere apologies for leaving you hanging for almost a week.  i feel so neglectful about the lack of posts (i’m mainly talking to you, dad…).  i have about a trillion pictures to sift through from this weekend…which was the scad fashion show.  but also included amazing new friends, pedi-cad rides galore and more high heel wearing than i am used to or comfortable with.

but, i am getting ahead of myself.  let me finish with a few images from my last days at home, visiting my beyond words amazing family.

the new (ok ok it's the same cut) shorter do

me, my short do, the ghurka, and my fave new scarf (aka tea dyed piece of polka dotted fabric)

i was lucky enough to catch two of my friends for lunch while home…there is something so amazing and comforting about knowing someone for twenty odd years and be able to pick up where you left off each time you see them.  no awkward pauses, no strained silences.  love love love that.

accessories and best ever italian ice at the lighthouse. an institution for those of you not familiar with its magic and fevered devotion from lifelong fans.

bags + ices + sisters = love

my girl, pretty kev.

i had such a great time at home, just being with my parents and siblings and dropping by to see my grandparents (cookie taught me to crochet, i am an ace at potholders, and plotting some new pretties for the etsy store) and putzing around our cozy house.  i got sick my last day home which was no fun and certainly added a whole new dimension to the discomfort of air travel…but i managed to keep the cold at bay for the weekend’s festivities, which proved to be even better than anticipated.  more soon, promise.

xo, anne


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