get in.

so as i hinted at yesterday, this last weekend was a whirlwind.  involving new friends (kristen, move here, please.), heavy-hitting fashion people (dvf, you are beyond inspiring and fannnncy), hitching rides in pedicabs, and general merriment and celebration.  and lots of pictures.  you must brace yourself for the onslaught of images i am about to throw at you.  because it was just too much fun and far too hard to narrow it down to a few…

after a completely civilized dinner on friday night we all tumbled out into the streets and climbed aboard the weekend’s transportation of choice: the pedicab.  if possible, i would like to make this my only mode of transportation from here forth.  amazing.

the driver of our chariot.

pictures of others taking pictures, another recurring theme.

love these lovelies. (pictured with offensive poster @ pinkie masters. apologies in advance)

come back, please.

after ingesting more second-hand smoke than i am accustomed to, i ventured out to the sidewalk and managed to catch miss becca partaking in a cigar.  amazing.


it appears that you have a natural aptitude for this, pretty lady.

i tottered home shortly thereafter in order to a) have the physical capability to walk the next day and b) sleeeeep.

and sleep i did.  i hit the ground running saturday morning with a trip to the farmer’s market with caitlin and then a manicure (loving the cotton candy pink i selected)…and then met up with becca and kristen to catch the lecture that andre leon talley and diane von furstenberg gave.  it.was.amazing.  that diane really knows how to inspire.  she is an icon.

afterwards we hung around, the girls photographed some street style on the cuties that were in attendance, i kept an eye on my beets i procured at the farmer’s market.

doing their thang.

love the hats.

my loves. and some beets in the ghurka.

after putting our heads together and assessing the time we had left before dinner and the fashion show, we decided that a little time by the pool was imperative.

what a sky.

in the mist at the pool.


cooling our heels.

becca's well-dressed wrist.

although it was tough, we left the pool and got ready for the evening.  and more pedi-cab rides.

ready and raring.

kristen and her gorg isabella blow chapeau.

ally and eli.


ready for takeoff.

what an entrance...

our fleet made.

northward through the park.

i am unable to put into words how fun it was.

kristen with the incomparable dvf. she stuns.

erin and mitchell.

eli, kristen, the hat, and the end.

what a weekend it was.  i am still recovering. mainly because the cold that i thought i had narrowly escaped after my trip has now made itself at home.  but it was worth it.  so so worth it.

xo, anne


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  1. best.recap.ever. you magical magical one. hearts alllll over this, obvi.

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