magnolia, my love.

i spy with my little eye...

hi, hello.

i am at the end of my battle with this head cold (i hope)…which i celebrated with three shots of espresso over ice this morning.  maybe not my brightest idea after four days free of caffeine.  i’m going a million miles a minute over here, folks.  i’ve barely left the house this week (thanks to my cloudy, congested head), save for a few apres-dinner walks with evan and coffee and shopping with magical becca this morning.  although i haven’t done much, it would be cruel for me to not share the blooming of the magnolias.  my most favorite of indigenous flowers.

i first noticed that they were blooming last week, after my dinner with evan at local 11ten, the night before i left to see my family.  it was impossible not to notice, as they perfumed the steamy savannah evening so thoroughly and enchantingly.

on a walk...

we can still find the time...

to stop and smell the magnolias.

then on another one of our walks this week i noticed that the flowers were blooming: big, ivory blossoms unfurling in various stages within the multitude of branches.  i happily took on the task of documenting this, national geographic style.  with a little help from my tall sidekick, who was able to get shots of the blooms high above our heads and out of my reach.

hello, little buds.

not sure what stage of development you are, friend.

yes, please. more of these.

you are gorgeous...

and i heart you, big time.

i love these flowers so wholeheartedly (have i made that clear yet?).  when i was working in new york years ago, i plotted to get a tattoo to commemorate this love, as i believed i would always stay in new york…designing, living, shlepping big bags through subway turnstiles, etc.  in the weeklong break i took between working at liz claiborne and starting a new design position at marie marie, i took a cross country road trip with a dear friend…from new jersey to san diego.  which i should note, was incredible.  (i sense a post soon to come about this.)  i had a mere twenty four hours in lovely san diego which we packed full of good times and which ended with me getting the aforementioned magnolias (one bloom and one bud, on a branch) tattooed on my left foot.  mission accomplished.  i flew back to new york, went back to work and lo and behold six months later the company i was designing for (marie marie, i love you, always) closed.  my plan to move back to savannah to be with tall magical partner in crime (evan) was hatched and six months later i was back in the land of magnolias.

i am happy to be back amongst these blooms.  and happier still to have them on my left foot.  even though my dear grandpa kindly offers to arrange laser removal each time he sees them.

xo, anne

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2 responses to “magnolia, my love.

  1. bh

    um, neglecting to tell the methodology used to dull the pain & the condition upon arrival?

  2. Caroline

    i think that will be my new answer to “what would you get if you had to get a tattoo?”… !!

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