belated. kind of.

woodie and me. or gratuitous tandem bike shot.

as you may remember i was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my wonderful (and only) brother woodie’s birthday with him (and the rest of the magical fam) last week.  while i documented the well wishes and trick candle-ridden birthday cake, i neglected to divulge any information on the gift i gave him.  mainly because it was incomplete.  until this evening.  now, before you condemn me for being a lame present giver, let me plead my case.  i knitted the birthday boy a braided bib, very similar to this beauty from the etsy store.  however, his needed to be more masculine.  obviously.  i had finished the bib way before my travels home, but i was at a loss as to how it should close, where it should lay while worn, etc.  i needed the eye and input of the person (woooooodie) that would be wearing it.  so, he opened the present and we all brainstormed as to how this braided bib should be finished and function.  i think (i hope, fingers crossed) that i have solved the problems.  it will be shipped off to my newly twenty-two year old brother shortly, but here is the finished product.  hope you like it, kev.

masculine in black and cream...

resting on its happy dustbag.

close-up of the dustbag. love.this.fabric.

and since woodie isn’t here to model it for you, i will fill in.  but bear in mind it’s going to sit differently on woodie, as i am a much shorter than him (and obviously a female) and woodie resembles a male model.  proof?

yeah, you good looking.

so, picture it instead on him.


i may need to knit one for myself now.

as i am quite enjoying it.

and that’s all friends!  happy friday…

xo, anne


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One response to “belated. kind of.

  1. 🙂

    1) i love everything about what’s going on right here.
    2) i love you as my doppelgänger
    3) camera on, bitch!

    ❤ you
    and i cant wait to wear that m-f'ing work of wonder

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