salt and sand.

happy monday, friends.  it’s an awfully different scene i’m waking up to today (gray, drizzly) compared to what i grew accustomed to this weekend: sun, beach, and lazing around.  after a loud and raucous thunderstorm (love) last night to cap off the weekend, it’s back to work.  but i just can’t resist one last look at what a spectacular weekend it was.

the first glimpse of breaking waves. a favorite sight.

on saturday we got up early and headed out to tybee island to evan’s parent’s cozy marshside abode.  i enjoyed a spectacular and unplanned nap on the porch overlooking the marsh…i started off reading but just kept dozing until i abandoned the book completely and gave myself over to the sleepiness.  there was a fantastic breeze and i dozed for a good forty-fives minutes.  amazing.  we made it to the beach in the late afternoon, when the crowds had dissipated, the wind had kicked up, and the heat was a little less oppressive.  it was perfection.

my sandy perch.

one of my favorite summer dresses...

in a war...

with the wind.

the hem, whipping in the warm, salt-air breeze (blue shorts in distance = evan frolicking in the surf)


print in motion.

shoreline. hemline.

bubble bodied jellyfish, washed ashore.

we went for a long stroll and saw a few of these jellyfish and two surfside weddings.

bright blue.

sandy feet.

departing view.

enormous and fantastic tree on tybee island.

a parking space with benefits.

the rest of the weekend passed with evan manning the grill (with great results), more lazing about the house, another trip to the beach, and a reluctant return to reality.

i have big plans for some new items for the etsy store, which i’m really excited about showing you.

xo, anne


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