relax your rush.

well, i am having flashbacks to college, in a different way than you might imagine.  in the sense that i am slaving over my sewing machine, maiming my poor fingertips with embroidery needles, and dreaming about how to fix issues with construction.  i’ve been hellbent on getting the first prototype for a market tote (to be sold in the etsy store) finished this week.  which has led me to behaving as though i am back in senior collection.  without the 5 am bedtimes and crying incessantly because of stress.

i seem to have forgotten that the first one is always the hardest and fraught with more issues than you calculated while making the pattern.  but.  it has been awfully nice to break out the pattern paper, myriad of rulers, mechanical pencils and white eraser that have all been stashed away for far too long.  the bag still has some work to be done, but i will be happy to indulge you in a little description of what she’ll be.  complete with a couple of images.

print for the bag...

as well as the embroidering that has led to more than a few injuries.

the bag is going to be made from this amazing upholstery weight tropical floral fabric.  it will be big enough to hold all of your accoutrements for a day at the beach (or in the park)…or the perfect size for bike rides between the farmer’s market, library, and grocery store.  both are situations that i’m always needing the right bag in which to stuff all sorts of goodies.  if i’m a bit absent this week, you now know why…i’m having an affair with my sewing machine.

i do have an amazing recipe i want to share though, so more later loves.

xo, anne


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