love for giles and brother by philip crangi.  i’ve been enamored with this amazing line of jewelry for quite some time.  essentially since i chose a brass stamped bracelet (the railroad spike cuff) as my birthday gift (from evan) two years ago.  this love eventually led to me choosing the pied-de-biche cuff for valentine’s day six months or so later.

beauty in brass.

treasured stampings.

sitting pretty.


double fives.


since then i have been able to satiate my cravings for this line by just admiring my two heavy duty beauties (each stamped with a lovely little message)…until they launched new product.  which is killing me slightly as i want (almost) all of it.  luckily, my birthday is coming up again in july.  in case any of you need ideas.  see how good i am?

i love his jewelry because it is memorable and unique and the bracelets above can be stamped (for free) with the phrases of your choosing.  the branding is fantastic (down to the kraft paper boxes with little mustache logo sticker atop) and there are five’s stamped onto the jewelry itself which resonates with me…there are five people in my immediate family and it feels like a lucky and magical number.  i stack these brass bangles with vintage gold bangles i “borrowed” from my mom, enamel bangles i have accrued over the years and a myriad of other jingly bracelets from h&m to forever 21 to tiffany.  they are so versatile and imbue a certain toughness that i love big time.

now.  back to just a few of the new giles & brother pieces that i am coveting.  it took some major editing to narrow down my choices.  such a great line.

hello my dear, care to come live with me?

the giant multi-chain bracelet in gold.

we would be so good together.

coach whip necklace.

and i would love you so.

mixed josephine necklace.


triple multi-chain necklace.

love love love.  please don’t be mad at me for making you fall in love.  i was only sharing.

xo, anne


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