islands on the coast

oh long weekend, how i love you so.

it’s amazing what one extra day will do for you, huh?  this weekend was perfect in its slow pace, days full of sun and soft beach breezes, and the first boat jaunt of the season.  we’ve made it back to our historic little apartment after our weekly sunday monday grocery shopping ritual.  my coffee for the week has been brewed and is ready to be stowed in it’s jug in the fridge for the perfect iced caffeinated jolt.  and the rain that threatened us all day as we bobbed happily on our boat has started to fall in a perfect heavy stream  for me to type to.  heavy, happy sigh.

but back to the glorious weekend.  because i’m not quite ready to bid it farewell just yet.

friday night was scad’s new graduate concert in forsyth park.  the weather was warm, just shy of balmy and was easily staved off with a glass or two of cold chardonnay.  we saw some familiar faces, heard some familiar music (hello, high school summers and ‘my baby’s got sauce’ from g love), and then we may or may not have indulged in late night pizza.  which we may or may not have regretted deeply upon waking saturday morning.

saturday we got an uncharacteristically early start and headed out to tybee island to see not only evan’s parents, but also his sister.  the clouds this weekend were of the gorgeous overblown puffy kind (proper scientific term, obviously).  love.

such a happy sky

welcoming us to the weekend

the scenic drive onto tybee

another bridge over familiar waterways

there were multiple beach trips (with minimal sunburning, it should be noted) that involved marathon reading sessions.

late afternoon clouds hovering above the sand

there were fantastic dinners and after dinner strolls in the sand.

a setting sun

and crashing surf

and creaky wooden swing

and nighttime surfer.

we checked on evan’s boat, which was docked at a nearby marina while trailer repairs were completed.

the incredible night sky

abundance of navy and midnight colored clouds

on the road again

checking the live well

testing out some other crucial piece of boat machinery

eerie dock at night.

we woke up early (again on a weekend!) today (memorial day) to get to the marina and get the boat going.  this was endlessly exciting, as this is evan’s “new” boat which has been finicky since he purchased it.  and now it’s running beautifully…not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that evan sold the “old” boat this week (thrilling!!!) and now the “new” boat isn’t threatened any longer by the “old” boat.  but, no matter…we were going boating and nothing was going to stop us!  not the somewhat ominous (no longer happy, puffy, fluffy) clouds overhead or the weather predictions of afternoon thunderstorms or anything, frankly.  it ended up being the perfect day for being on the water, it was cool and breezy, there were dolphins aplenty, and i didn’t get seasick as i read…score!

hello, captain!

and flipper!

and his brother!

your flips are too fast for my trigger finger!

no fish were caught on this adventure, but i did get to drive the boat (correct terminology?  probably not.) which did not lead to us capsizing, so i call my inaugural “driving” a success!

and that, my friends is what i call a wonderful weekend.

back to the grind…which, luckily is not so bad itself.

xo, anne



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5 responses to “islands on the coast

  1. Celine

    oh anne, how your stories make me miss savannah, and of course your face! the pictures of the views on the way to tybee bring a particular smile to my face 🙂
    you’re be best!

  2. SO in love with this whole magical sounding weekend.
    …and slightly jealous of your boat, i might add…
    and by “slightly” i mean “very.”

  3. bh

    great narrative!!!!! wonderful pictures !!!!!!!

    (you steer a boat, not drive )

    you can flip a boat too!!!! aka flipper who made a great appearance!!

    kudos on the post, one of your best to date!

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