tell it like it is, b.

i was originally going to post this video because i love love love the looks in it.  and although i may be a little late to the party: beyonce, i do love you.  more than ever after this video.  currently, though this song is so apropos for the relationship between me and my previously trusty camera.  which now seems to be striking from any future image capturing.  unfortunate in that it is realllly hindering my abilities to craft any posts for this blog.  i am really trying to refrain from throwing an epic temper tantrum as this is the second sony camera in three years to call it quits in this manner.  my fingers are crossed that she is just cranky and needing a time out, but i am mentally preparing myself for the likelihood that i will soon be camera shopping.  with imaginary money.

but lets focus on beyonce.  in playsuits, with gobs of jewelry (loooove), and martini in hand.  shaking it twitchily.  which, unsurprisingly looks waaaaay better when she does so than when i attempt similar moves.

camera, why don’t you love me?

send some happy vibes this way in the hopes that i will be able to take pictures again soon.

xo, anne


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  1. you tell it like it is, sister sledge.

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