make you mine.

needless to say, i am not on my usual blogging game.  i seem to be in a somewhat transitional (albeit, fantastic) place right now.  which i will hopefully be at liberty to expound on very shortly.  but in the meantime i am feeling as though i am slightly all over the place, just short of enough time in each day.  but!  i bring you magical magical shoes.  because although this little blog may be a bit of a latchkey child right now, i love her very much.

i give you my current obsession: the dvf opal wedge in black.

you are occupying far too much of my brain space.

and not enough of my (very limited) closet space.

i love your sculptural wooden heel, my lady.

all images from shopbop.  $295 (also in brown).

so, yes this is a somewhat frivolous little post…but i seriously cannot stop myself from daydreaming about these shoes.  which i am bound and determined to make mine.  soon.

also, in happy news: the camera is back in action!  thanks to a conference with sony’s tech support peeps, i seem to have (however temporarily) fixed the issue.  so, i shall be back with regular posts soon…

xo, anne



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2 responses to “make you mine.

  1. um? by “frivolous” i think you mean “beyond magical and amazing.” just.saying.


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