easy, lucky, free.

back from another fantastic weekend.  this one was completely devoid of boats and sand.  but i must say it was delightful…full of laughter, bottomless glasses of champagne, and the company of some truly amazing people.

it all commenced with a matinee of the new sex and the city movie.  now, i am no roger ebert so i won’t be reviewing the movie.  but i do have to say that i did not laugh or cry or feel particularly moved.  at all.  and my one real conviction is that miranda must have slept with someone in wardrobe…because she had some of the best outfits.  the movie was made immensely more enjoyable palatable due to the most incredible care packages courtesy of becca and her beyond magical husband.  they contained individual homemade popcorn and libations.

my bunny emblazoned nosh.

my amazing accomplice.

bag of supplies.

blinded by the light.

emphatic storytelling.

view from the best sunroof in the world.

take two.

after this magic i headed home, knit like a madwoman, relaxed with evan, cooked a dinner not deserving of mention, and rested up for my favorite kind of sunday: one involving celebration, sun, and unlimited champagne.  oh!  and brunch, duh.  and more becca.  which is the blond icing on the cake.

strappy back view.

hello, lion.

you are delightful.

more storytelling.

wardrobe shot.

"vintage" kate spade basketweave bag. trotted her out for the first time in a long time.


not having any fun.

golden sunlight.

al fresco.

more more more.

winding down.


well, this has really ended up being a photo-tastic post.  partially because i am just over the moon that i didn’t have to bite the bullet with camera shopping.  yet.  and also because savannah is just so photogenic.  lovely lovely weekend.  so nice to be with such supportive, happy, funny (!!!) people and frolic in the historic streets.

it’s back to the beach next weekend.  best of both worlds, really.

xo, anne


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