hot hot heat

there are few things in this world that are up to the challenge of combatting the insane heat that is savannah in the summer.  however, in my many years here i think i have figured out a few tricks to manage to keep it from driving me slowly insane and/or melting completely.

1) cold beverages.

lillet blended with ice, peaches, and lime. papillote, thank you for your brilliance.

2) a perch in a highly air-conditioned locale.  preferably with company.

partners in crime who share an abiding love of cold champagne. a surefire heat-buster.

3) pretty scenery.

streetscape. best enjoyed with number 1.

also doesn't hurt to throw a palm tree in for good measure.

4) a touch of escapism.

courtesy of the ever-lovely jcrew catalog. if only my beachwear was styled thusly.

tulle swimsuit + effortlessly mussed tresses + nude lippy + gobs of jewelry = heaven.

5) immersion in bodies of water.  this, i will be partaking in tomorrow.  when i ditch downtown for a little (or lot) of time in the sand.  maybe with some time on the boat.  i don’t care, just get me to the water!

xo, anne


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