summer hours

happy friday, friends!  i come to you today, unsure of where the week has gone.  although i welcome another weekend with open arms, i feel like this week has gotten away from me.  that, or the excitement of bringing the opals home was just too much for me, and shorted out my blogging drive.  either way, the weekend is upon us.

for some reason (it may have to do with the copious amounts of dollar champagne that were imbibed last night) i have been at a loss for words all morning.  but, there is a large, loud, rumbling thunderstorm moving in and i am feeling invigorated.  so, i give you a few things that are making me happy on the eve of another weekend.

my dream beach ensemble:

prettiest coverup. ever.

calypso aurora tunic, $135.

bag i would sell my firstborn for. just kidding. kind of.

alexander wang diego bucket bag, at shopbop, $825.

a new bit of jangle to spice things up on the wrist.

nastrino bracelet, from jcrew, $75.

and of course, i would zip my feet into the precious opals.  at least i am guaranteed one of the pieces.  unless any of you are feeling particularly generous in the birthday gift-giving arena, in which case…the alexander wang bag would be perfection.

and back in reality, the things that are making me happy:

evan’s little courtyard farm…now sprouting fuzzy okra!

you are ALMOST too adorable to eat.

and watching the storm clouds rolling in for an afternoon thunderstorm.

beginning to encroach on the blue skies...

darkening clouds...


and with that lovely little meteorological photo series, i’m off to wrap some things up before heading out to the beach to bob aimlessly in the warm salt water.  hopefully i will return sans sunburn with lots to tell about.

xo, anne


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