the warmer the waves

bathed in sun.

well, i’m back from another salty, sandy weekend friends.  we were feeling adventurous and took the boat out both saturday and sunday.  saturday evan and i went on a solo mission to find some elusive private island.  no dice, but we did make it to little tybee which was practically private if you don’t count the other people/dogs that were there.

our corner of the beach.

we explored the island and found amazing driftwood that had created these intricate “sculptures” of trees that had melded, woven, and fused together.  love.

washed ashore.

trees, spooning?

fused together.


we even saw a perfectly preserved teeny-tiny baby horseshoe crab…that had dried in the sun.

consider this foreshadowing.

post-boat marsh-side.

evan’s mom went all out for father’s day celebration meals…so there was lots of amazing food.  and wine.  after an incredible (sun-induced) night’s sleep we woke up early on sunday to take evan’s parents on the boat.  to a different island.  all went swimmingly.  ’twas very relaxing.  we wandered…

more driftwood sculpture.


very relaxing until the tide dictated that we hop back in the boat and vacate the island.  easy enough until a family of fullgrown horseshoe crabs were swarming the water where we were getting onto the boat.  hello, nature!  with only a minor freakout on my part, we got aboard the boat and headed home.  me, at the wheel for a bit.

i’m getting much better at driving this thing too.  until a dolphin comes out of the water towards us when i’m going twenty-five mph.  then i pretty much hand control over to evan as i won’t be able to live with myself if i hit flipper.

and so, it’s monday again.  and i have quite the action-packed week ahead….

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    great great pics, thanks for sharing, almost like being there!


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