glitter, glamour, and a non-goodbye.

hello, airstream.

the alice+olivia girls rolled into savannah yesterday afternoon…and they did it in style.  the vintage airstream trailer that is traversing the southeast with the lovely tour girls is even more spectacular than i anticipated.

entryway with airstream.

the lovely and sequin bedecked a+o girls.

as were the alice+olivia garments at bleubelle for last night’s trunk show.  i am coveting numerous pieces and praying that the funds with which to purchase said frippery  happen to magically appear in my bank account.

a taste of the sartorial (and sequined) gorgeousness.

there was a makeover, pink lemonade champagne punch, some dancing, and yummy nibbles.  i would have to say it was an all around good time.

as was the post-trunk show celebration that occurred down the street.  i am in complete denial (and will be for quite some time) that it was my last night in savannah with becca before she moves northward.

tiny red hearts on my toes in honor of miss heartsallover.

mitchell's snakeskin gucci loafers = perfection.

we do not like wrist adornment. at all.

brace yourself for an onslaught of anne / becca imagery.  i had to capture every last moment.  i will, however, spare you from alllll of them.  and have condensed the farewell lovefest…


are you sure you want to leave?

she's a bunny.

and then to cap it all off, we finished the night with a few “sunglasses indoors apres sunset” pictures.  because that’s just how we roll.  k?

little higher next time.


and goodnight.

we said a proper non-goodbye this morning and i am already plotting to visit her in her new city of residence.  i am consoling myself with the copy of ‘the september issue’ she lent me…

xo, anne


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