sandy cliff, embedded with shark's teeth.

i enjoyed a particularly lazy, board game-packed, delicious food-filled weekend with evan’s family.  his sister and her boyfriend drove (her adorable convertible mini cooper) in from atlanta and evan’s grandma was in from virginia.  it was great…we broke out the BINGO set and played for high stakes (fifteen dollars) to the person who one the most rounds in an hour.  i can say very happily and with pride bursting that i was the big winner.  my weekend was made on friday night.  that tells you how little it takes with me.

saturday we embarked on a boat trip with captain evan.  this time we headed out into the savannah river on the quest to find shark’s teeth.  apparently when they dredge the river (a channel used by large ships) the sand containing shark’s teeth gets spewed onto the shores lining the river.  then, the tides expose said teeth.  and you go and wander the shores (hopefully not melting as i felt i was) and find lots and lots of teeth, big and large.

on the hunt.

my bounty! from bitsy to big.

we enjoyed a picnic on an abandoned island that was inhabited by thousands of little asymetrically clawed, purple-backed crabs who scattered any time we approached.

stone fruit at the picnic.

bridge on the return trip.

saturday night there was pizza on the grill, molly’s winning hearts and minds cake, and a game of ‘sorry!’, which i unfortunately did not win.

we took sunday slowly, brunching then relaxing…then eventually evan and i hit the beach.  i forgot about the sharks and stingrays that were caught on our stretch of shore last weekend and bobbed about in the water.  because it was

yellow watermelon? yes, please.

we arrived back into downtown savannah last night in the midst of some epic thunderstorms.  lightning seemed to be striking just outside of our front door.  so we huddled in our bedroom, candles lit, with ‘an education‘ playing on my laptop.  it was a lovely, cozy end to a fantastic weekend.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “bingo!

  1. bh

    wow wow wow! your biggest fan is thrilled.
    big sharks, huh?
    yellow h20melon? something new?
    from fave fruit stand??? you’re having funfunfun.

  2. Caroline

    anne, i adore both the “an education” film and soundtrack… i really didn’t want it to end…. !

    hope you can avoid melting in savannah!!!

    xoxo, caroline

    • caroline! hellllllo!!!
      i was enthralled with the whole bit. mainly the glorious stack of presents jenny gets from david for her birthday, the trip to paris, and yes – the soundtrack. loves.
      i am barely avoiding melting down here, but it’s nothing a good cold glass of chardonnay or champagne won’t fix!
      hope all is well with you!!
      xo, anne

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