conquering kitchen complacency.

things have been a bit complacent in our kitchen recently.  actually, make that i have been a bit complacent in our kitchen recently.  my modus operandi of late has been to scheme up a menu for the week that would be fast, cheap easy on the wallet, and require as little effort of yours truly as humanly possible.  i.e: veggie burgers and salad.  not exactly thrilling, tastebud tingling stuff here, folks.  but this week i finally roused myself from my apathy towards cooking fantastic meals for myself and evan.

not sure what to owe it to, but i’m glad to be back, dirtying many a dish in my kitchen conquests.  it should be noted that while we are not vegetarians (this was made entirely to evident given the amount of wiley’s incredible pulled pork and brisket that we consumed this past weekend) i tend to cook almost exclusively vegetarian fare these days.  noone is going to suffer from eating multitudes of veggies, right?

cooking vegetarian meals was a bit daunting for me at first, but i have found some amazing online resources (in conjunction with my growing kitchen library) to pull from when in need of a healthy (pun not intended) dose of inspiration:  sprouted kitchen (mainly vegetarian fare, sometimes features seafood…gorgeous, beautiful site, written by lovely newly-engaged sara.  a must-read.  go, forth!), 101 cookbooks (all vegetarian, uber-healthy…i am itching to try her chocolate loaf cake), epicurious (has a decent wealth of vegetarian options, have found some of my favorite go-to’s there), and my favorite domestic doyenne, martha (although her site is a bit tricky to navigate, she has some gems in there).

it’s wednesday and already this week there have been successes!  monday night (apres grocery shopping) i threw together in practically no time 101 cookbooks’ grilled tofu and soba noodles.  except our lovely (said through slightly gritted teeth) understocked publix had no soba noodles.  so i subbed in some angel hair whole wheat pasta.  not only was this a breeze, but it was gloriously dressed in a cilantro, garlic, shallot, and lime juice vinaigrette.  and made enough for lunch the next day.  added to the roster of go-to’s!  sidenote: this preparation and finished product was not photographed, as we were both ravenous and verging on hangry (hungry + angry = hangry).

last night i made the lentil salad with balsamic vinaigrette from epicurious.  although my lentils cooked up to look nothing like their gorgeous salmon-colored pre-cooked selves, this was a really good dinner, again with leftovers for lunch today!  i added a shredded carrot to the salad and topped ours off with a sprinkle of goat cheese and fresh basil.  sidenote: i photographed this one, but she is no beauty.  i do not want this to deter you from trying her.  k?

tonight we are having a cashew chili from a beautiful bowl of soup.  will keep you posted on that.

i also am completely devouring the charming and gorgeous cookbook by sophie dahl, miss dahl’s voluptuous delights.  expect to see some recipes from it next week.  sophie’s prose is delightful and i want to read it cover to cover immediately.

and with that i am off to conquer some knitting.  because you know what they say about idle hands.

xo, anne


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