knit prettiness

hello, yarn heart.

in addition to all of my escapades in the kitchen…i have been knitting feverishly.  i have a lot of lovelies that i want to get finished in the next couple of weeks so i am ‘knit, purl, knit’ing as much as possible.

besides, knitting can be tackled to the glorious sounds of real housewives of (fill in the blank with whatever season is currently running) and / or the september issue.  i managed to get both of these in recently and there was an abundance of happiness on my part.

i figured i would show you the unfinished lovely i’m working on, as i won’t be displaying the finished product.  it may or may not be a gift for someone of the uber-magical variety.  you can warrant a guess as to who it may be…but be forewarned that i know a LOT  of people who fit this description (thankfully).

work in progress...

undone, trailing yarn ends.

i hope everyone is having a loveliest of lovely hump day wednesday.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “knit prettiness

  1. 'Kiki'

    This is absolutely beautiful. I hope you’re on Ravelry as well. Kiki is my nickname, but I sent you a ‘request’ on LinkedIn under my ‘professional’ name…

    I saw your work in South and love your style. I’m not a stalker, just someone researching talent for a project I’m consulting on.

    Cheers to you! You have a lot of talent. Write more about your knitting. . . I’m on Ravelry as knitsibitsi, although I’ve been too busy and traveling to keep up with my account of late.

    Regards from CA 😉

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