rough gems

it should come as no surprise to you that not only did i want to legally change my name to sparkles glitters (thanks for putting the kibosh on that, mom) when i was little, but that from a very early age i could.not.wait to be able to wear high heels and a bra.  the high heels i haven’t tired of, the bra is a tad more tiresome and slightly less exciting than four year old anne imagined.

this all goes hand in hand with my lifelong love for gobs and gobs of jewelry.  my neck and wrists have a habit of being over-encumbered by my accessory load.  i just feel that any outfit can benefit from some shine.

i love finding vintage brooches, necklaces, and rhinestones that have aged a little…however, when i am in need of a certain vintage-inspired and expensive-looking gem fix i know i can count on the ever-lovely jcrew to have exactly what i need.  and then some.

i’ve been on a bit of a self imposed (more budget imposed, but ‘self’ makes it seem like i am far more virtuous) jcrew buying hiatus.  however, they are having an unbelievable sale right now on lots of things…but the jewelry has taken the cake this time.

i give you my jcrew sale jewelry dream team (just be sure to save me at least one of each, friends):

hello, jangly, glittery friend.

draped glass necklace in crystal, $79.99

my lobes would happily host you.

windchime earrings in gunmetal, $39.99

yes, you will fit right in on my overburdened wrist.

prism bracelet in gunmetal, $40

you, too are infinitely lovely. and budget friendly.

crystal milano necklace in pale oak, $49.99

facets, and settings, and glitter. oh, my.

galene crystal earrings, $39.99

not sure if you can tell, but i certainly favor a bit of faceted gem-ery.  and the prices?!  to die for.  shop away, friends!  i will silently will any and all of these beauts to find their way to my heaping jewelry box.

and because i don’t discriminate, here is my second favorite type of jeweled glory: JEM.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “rough gems

  1. bh

    tybee? pics and fun filled commentary????

    your friends, fans, fam await !!!!!!!!!!!

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