stars and stripes

hey.  hi.  hello.  i hope you enjoyed an amazing fourth of july weekend, friends!  mine was sort of a non-holiday weekend, which is fine by me as we managed to catch some fireworks last night.  i worked on the third and we opted to stay downtown, thus missing the beachside fireworks.  we woke up late on the fourth and took our time heading to the beach (hellllllo, traffic).  it was a perfect, lovely, slow-paced fourth…i did some knitting and we ventured onto the sand in the late afternoon before enjoying a fantastic dinner with evan’s parents.

perfect sunset...

not pictured: cars parked as far as the eye can see along the side of the highway.

we started to see various fireworks going off as we drove down the highway, leaving the island behind us.  we pulled up outside of our apartment just as the fireworks on the river were starting to light up the sky.  after a brisk walk to try to find a perfect street-side viewing venue we just eventually stopped and took it all in…

lighting up the night sky...

in a random spot on habersham street...

fireworks that look like sand dollars.

hello, pretty pink one.

we walked home slowly, through our perfect little downtown.  and it was just right.  not the fourth of july of years past where you are jockeying for space in an overcrowded bar for an overpriced beer.  just the two of us wandering together.

this week will likely be all over the place…working today then re-shoots tonight for a photoshoot we styled a couple of weeks ago.  BUT countdown to seeing my family is officially in single digits!  one week!!

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    great great great !
    we just started a summer project, can’t wait to get you involved!!!!
    don’t try to pry it out of lise/paigie/wood/gunter—surprise !

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