mid-week snapshots

hello, wednesday.  you really snuck up on me!

i s’pose that that can happen when you work all but one day in a holiday weekend, then throw yourself into the next week with a fervor usually reserved for sparkly things.  but all in the name of getting things done, and done well.  right?

so there was a re-shoot (with mitchell) for a story we styled for the south magazine’s upcoming issue.  despite the fact that i am not at liberty to show you the looks, i can show you the wallpaper in the bathroom at our location.  because it’s awesome.  and i can’t hold out on you completely.

love your floral flocked-ness. as well as your resemblance to a spirograph!

i can also show you the gorgeous sky-scape that greeted me all too early tuesday morning, after monday’s long, steamy twelve hour workday…which somehow makes waking up and getting out the door oh-so-much easier.

blue sky, big fluffy clouds, and happy little pink flowers on a tree outside our door. love.

last night i finally got back into our kitchen and made a variation on my individual frittatas.  this time i added thinly sliced (roasted) red skinned potatoes.  amazing.


and today i am thrilled to be back in my ‘studio’ working on some projects that need tying up before i leave for my big trip on monday (!!!!!).

knit flowers waiting to be affixed...

knit bits upon fluorescent-tinted vintage silk twill. yessss.

and tonight?  well, tonight i’m teaming up (again) with mitchell…this time to make a suede bikini.  hilarity is sure to ensue and i will gladly share the evidence of our efforts upon completion of this gem.

*not pictured from this week?  my foray into a local establishment unfortunately named ‘jj bonerz’ to support mr mitchell as a celebrity judge in a bikini contest.  trust that i made it about ten minutes before i felt that my head might explode from the combination of: loud music, mention of ‘clubwear’, and repeatedly seeing the word ‘bonerz’.  good times!

xo, anne


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One response to “mid-week snapshots

  1. bh

    p.s. pls bring the recipe home. better yet, will you make it and leave the recipe??!!!

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