all in a day’s work

alternately titled “project funway”.

i have the pleasure of working regularly with mitchell hall, of project runway fame.  truth be told though, i knew him long before his days with heidi and tim…college.  recently we have been working together on styling the fashion stories for the south magazine (i may have begun this assignment as an ‘intern’).  this has been great fun.  during our re-shoot for the next issue’s fashion story earlier this week we were discussing the need for a leather bikini for another project.  without thinking i offhandedly remarked that we could make a leather bikini in no time.  that is the last time i will be so cavalier and foolish, friends.

because our determination to handcraft said suede bikini led us to deconstruct an old messenger bag for leather…and then embark on a late late night of bikini making.  a first for both of us.

i’ll let the pictures do the talking.

beginning with the patternmaking.


mitchell and our sewing savior, eileen.

cutting the pieces for our masterpiece.


rainbow of thread.

another rainbow. with mitchell.

look at eileen go.

using a mallet to open seams....

the crucial rubber cementing...

opening seams...

making sure it works...

checking out the craftsmanship...

clearly i am not as good with the mallet...


finishing touches...

i cannot express how hilarious this night was.  there are a few finishing touches (aka the bottom to the bikini) being made this morning, before our shoot this afternoon.  we are certainly coming in just under the wire.  more to come, on the finished product.

before i leave you to tackle an enormous pile of laundry and pre-travel to-do list…i will give you a gift, mitchell as a young captain.  thank you, heaven above for glamour shots:

you have no idea how much joy this image brings me.

ta-ta for now, friends.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “all in a day’s work

  1. bh

    comments from a very observant parent:
    hard at work @ 9:10 and focused. nice pics: mitchell & eileen @the juki. smoking is bad enough, but unfiltered? near the glue? @ 1:35 am?
    when did you knuckleheads officially start & finish? looks like a very fun trio!
    p.s. love the minnetonkas, the memories of teeny tiny ones, wow.

  2. bh

    p.s. i wanted a hat like that as a kid

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