stormy celebrations

the birthday festivities have already begun, friends (four days early, to be exact).  as much as i revel in this, i promise it was not my idea.  i kicked off the celebrations on saturday, by seeing the newest twilight movie with evan’s mom.  she not only introduced me to the books last summer (which were all read in a matter of mere weeks.  and no, i am not embarrassed.) but is one of the few people i know who will see the movies with me.  in a theater.  in public.  it was a fantastic kickoff, which led to a lovely dinner at evan’s parents’ house.

watching the storm approach...

we had drinks and watched the storm that was threatening to let loose on us.  tybee hadn’t had rain in forever and we figured it would blow over.  however as time passed, the lightning and thunder seemed to get closer and more intense and then the tornado sirens went off.

if you look closely, you will see a rather large banana spider.

menacing clouds.

holstein is not a fan of the tornado siren.

we all fled into the house and settled around the table, thinking it would maybe rain a little.  and rain it did.  along with thunder and lightning that seemed to be striking just outside the window.  the power flickered but never went out.  it was quite the dramatic backdrop for the first dinner celebrating my twenty-eighth (jeez) year.

once the storm was over, we assessed the scene outside.  the wind had blown one of the screen doors from the porch off of its hinges.

that's not where you belong.


i then tackled my stack of gifts…and lets just say that i am the very proud and excited owner of an ice cream maker.  along with other kitchen gadgets and supplies to add to my arsenal.  it was so lovely.

and then after an all-too early wake up call this morning and a short flight through only slightly bumpy skies, i have arrived at my family’s house.  to attempt to put into words how happy this makes me would be nearly impossible.

xo, anne


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