an evening of july

after a rainy, stormy day the sun has come out.  my trip has already been quite magical and i am ensconced in a happy, happy place.  some images, so far.

cicada: he bit the bullet.

possibly the best sleepwear i have ever witnessed. kudos, gunter.

my mom's perfect necklace layering. pave heart nestled with tiffany locket. loves.

daisies with a favorite old-school picture of the kevs. first day of school-style.

woodie is reading alice in wonderland and through the looking glass.  i was thumbing through and caught this bit of poetry that seemed like perfection for the scene here.

“a boat beneath a sunny sky

lingering onward dreamily

in an evening of july –

children three that nestle near,

eager eye and willing ear”

lewis carrol, through the looking glass

and with that i am returning to our newly sunny evening, looking forward to tomorrow.

xo, anne


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One response to “an evening of july

  1. bh (happy man)

    a fave pic of the 3 musketeers !

    wonderful to have you home!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET PEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how about boom & the balloons?

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