hearts and helium

greetings from birthday land…it’s a wonderful place.

we had a spectacular dinner last night and i bestowed the crafty knick-knacks i had made for everyone upon their intended recipients…caution: brightly-colored foam galore ahead.

i love kevin.



woodie bunny.


love a coozie.


it was a fantastic evening filled with laughter…

and then i awoke on this gray birthday morning to the most spectacular sight of all time.  twenty-eight pink heart balloons, with one gold star (for good luck) courtesy of my magical little sister.

why, yes...

this is indeed the best way to awaken.

and i'm pretty sure...

that heaven is akin to this.

and with that i am off for a day that can hopefully hold a candle to the already spectacular morning i am immersed in.

xoxoxo, anne



Filed under good times, happymaker, sparkles glitters

3 responses to “hearts and helium

  1. Daisy

    Happy Birthday! Let’s get together next time your in town

  2. happy happy amazing superfantastic lovely gorgeous birthday, sparkle glitter!!!!!!!!
    now, be strong and try to have a magical time without me. it will be hard, but soldier on, friend. soldier on.

    i LOVE you!

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