greenery and humid air


a fond farewell to the weekend that was.  it was the best kind of weekend, in every way possible…

from friday afternoon happy hour with paige and two friends that i’ve known since my age was in single digits, that led into an unplanned but perfect byo dinner, which somehow turned into a much later night than anticipated with more friends that i’ve known forever, but see far too little of.

swimsuit, drying in the sun.

saturday was a slow day, filled to the brim with hours by the pool, gratefully soaking up some sun and escaping it in the water.  i tagged along with paige on an evening of babysitting for a family that i used to watch when i lived here…the kids are achingly adorable and sweet and every trip to see my family requires some time with them.

more perfect clouds.

neon racket on navy and white cushion.

and to round out the weekend we staked our spots on the deck for another day of sun and pool.  this time adding “monster” badminton to the mix.  this gave us: neon rackets, a scarily large shuttlecock (you would not believe the plethora of jokes this provided), and tons of laughs.  by late afternoon we were enjoying margaritas on the deck, enjoying some shade.  then moved indoors for another perfect home cooked dinner, followed by a dessert that was beyond words.

fresh squeezed citrus...

makes for excellent margaritas.

bill modeling his new coozie. which goes swimmingly with his wiley's shirt.

gorgeous, perfect, incredible tart.

and today everyone heads back to their normal routines…and i will try to keep myself busy until we’re all together again and can laugh and laugh and laugh.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    well well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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