objects of my affection

why, hello.

i am having the most fantastic, relaxing, laid-back, and cozy trip.  the only thing that could make it any better is if evan was here as well.

passenger seat.

yesterday paigie and i did some work on the internets over big steaming mugs of coffee and then had an incredible and incredibly filling lunch at chipotle.  not anything indigenous to the area, but we don’t have one in savannah and i love a good burrito.  how can you not?  we took the tandem bike out for a spin afterwards out of necessity.

row of lockers.


gorgeous sky, with lockers.

in the afternoon we ventured to the beach with the family we babysat on saturday.  it was hours in the pool with happy little squirmy cuties.  we took turns catching them as they jumped happily and fearlessly off of the diving board into the deep end.  it was so much fun.  not only getting to spend more time with the kids, but also reveling in the nostalgia of all the summers we spent at the same beach club growing up.  i found myself peeking into all the nooks and crannies of the club to see what had changed.  and thankfully, not much has.  we left, happily waterlogged and amazed at the boundless energy these little ones have.

once everyone at our house returned from work we headed out for a lovely dinner at our favorite italian restaurant.  it was great food, great being all together.  we even stopped for ice cream (soft serve!!!) on the way home.  this is another love of mine that eludes me in savannah (probably a good thing).


ducks in a row.


hopefully the weather will remain sunny and torrential rain-free this afternoon…i have high hopes for an afternoon of adventuring.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “objects of my affection

  1. 'Kiki'

    I love the photograph of the lockers. with the one at the very back – is it a door? The image reminds me of the Hall of Doors exhibit component in the Alice’s Wonderland exhibition I travel for the museum I currently work at, based on the Alice in Wonderland novel, which of course you have also mentioned in previous blogs. So, I found it kind of funny. . .:)

    Great blog!

    • hi kiki!
      at the end of the row of lockers is a foot shower, perfect for rinsing off stubborn sand! but now that you mention it, it does remind me of alice in wonderland…the exhibit at your museum sounds incredible!!!
      thank you for the lovely, kind comments!!!
      xo, anne

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