afternoon (citrus) delight

i had hoped that venturing north of the mason dixon line would enable me to escape the sweltering heat and humidity of my lovely savannah.  lo and behold, though the weather here has had other plans.  mainly heat waves and humidity.  which i have done well at avoiding by spending oodles of time in bodies of water.  but!  there are adventures to be had and things to see.

sunny day, pretty real estate.

love the house. love the waving flag.

another street, another flag in the breeze.

parking space. navy blue toes.

so, yesterday paigie and i ventured down to asbury park.  we wandered our favorite antique store.  then strolled along the boardwalk.  unfortunately we were sweaty and three-quarters of the way to hangry (hungry+angry = hangry).  there was nearly a meltdown…luckily, we narrowly avoided this by having a miraculous and perfect lunch.  freshly made lemonade and french fries.  it was indulgent and refreshing and we watched the waves rolling in as we ate in the shade.

happy, happy citrus drink.




goodbye, hangriness!


gracias, pucker!

under the sea, mural.

and with that i’m off to bob in the pool!

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    ARH, when you are in sav, i love to read your blog because it makes me feel in touch with you and what you’re doing. now that you’re home, i feel the same way.

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