harem time

swathed in drapey harem (hammer?) pants.

friends, i don’t know what has come over me…but, i purchased a pair of harem pants.  i strolled past them in the h&m, shook my head to myself (as in: “no, anne.  no can do”), wandered the store, dreamed about the lightweight harem pants, resisted picking them up, and then gave in and grabbed them before retreating to the dressing room.

i figured there was no way that they would work and no way that i could love them.  but love them i did.  and for $17.95, those harem pants made their way home with me.  i have had a hard time taking them off since.  i.  love.  these.  pants.  they are new best friends with my opals.  match made in heaven.

why, yes...

i do quite like these silly pants.

new best friends: harem pants & opal wedges.

beating the heat

sidenote: new vintage earrings.

deep pockets.


in the garden.

close up on opals.

putting the harem pants in the corner

excellent ease of movement.

so here’s the deal.  these pants may be ridiculous.  and they may be past their trend “prime”.  but frankly, i don’t feel that their level of trendiness matters all that much.  because these beauts are comfortable as the day is long (and summer days are quite long) and are light and breezy.  which makes them my new love.  the perfect pant for weather that makes you loath to have any wisp of fabric rest on your skin, for fear of melting.  they are a genius solution for the days when i am so sick of all of my dresses that seem to have been worn ad nauseam.  and they paired beautifully with a slouchy tee and the opals.  easy easy easy.

xo, anne


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One response to “harem time

  1. caitlin griffin

    Sold! You might be the only person I know who can pull of these so called harem pants. And this my friend is why I love you so.

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