hello savannah, goodbye camera.

hello from savannah!  i am back, safely ensconced in my little apartment, after an exhausting evening of travel (thanks, dysfunctional planes and loud, nose-picking seatmates!) on monday.  i am just now regaining some semblance of normalcy.

unfortunately, my camera gave up its will to live on sunday morning.  this is not surprising, as it has been threatening me for months, but it doesn’t help to ease the blow of being without a picture taking device.  especially when my last two days at home were filled with deep blue, gorgeous skies, a fantastic dinner with my family, and all together fabulous times.

luck would have it that i do have some other images that i managed to snap before she “corked off” as my grandpa would so eloquently put it.  as well as a couple of images that i had yet to post from the trip…

our new caterpillar friend, among the parsley

his name is herb.

best siblings. ever.

majestic ookie.


little paper friends.

i’m off for another busy day…only to return to attempt to unpack the two bulging suitcases that accompanied me back from my parents’ house.  fingers crossed that that happens in the quickly dwindling month of july!

any suggestions for a replacement camera are more than welcome…for now i am acquainting myself with evan’s camera.  fortunately for us all, he is excellent at sharing and taking good care of his possessions (things that may not completely apply to yours truly).

xo, anne



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2 responses to “hello savannah, goodbye camera.

  1. bh

    you are missed terribly !!

    no mention of the sink hole? bumper to bumper traffic, the great escape, the pilot behind us, barely making it only to be delayed…nada???????

  2. Caroline

    when purchasing said camera, do use b&h photo {http://www.bhphotovideo.com/}

    best prices evah (beats walmart and target) & they’re honest and helpful…. so really, where else would you buy?

    xo caroline

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