lack of images, abundance of rest.

welcome home flowers on vintage linens, awaiting a table of guests.

another weekend, put to bed.  hopefully i got enough r&r in to get me through this week with more than one measly blog post.  apparently the intense travel situation in cahoots with my uncooperative (now dead) camera wreaked far more havoc than i anticipated.  evan’s camera and i are having a slow and less than magical start to our working relationship.  clearly, i am going to have to put a lot of effort in to make things work with this new piece of technology (or old piece of technology, if you are looking at the year of production.  but, i digress.)

we will just move swiftly from the events of last week: dinner with evan’s friend and lovely new girlfriend, managing to successfully (and swiftly, no less) unpack my 80 lbs of luggage, the launch party of the new issue of south magazine (hello, suede bikini on the cover!), which then led into the perfect friday night…

we had some friends over for a little dinner party (this may have been the motivation to unpack suitcases and clean).  and let me tell you, it was a success.  even with starting the food an hour before everyone arrived.  for some reason the timing to dinner parties has always been an issue for me.  but.  this time it all worked out effortlessly (if you disregard the smoke issue caused by grilling our side dish) and the lack of images to document the yumminess (blame the new / old camera).  i made all new (to me) recipes and have to say that all were gold-star, re-make worthy.  i made individual gorgonzola, fig, and arugula salad pizzas.  for our side dish i made grilled salt and vinegar potatoes (thank you, 101 cookbooks, via martha).  which were a salt and vinegar fan’s dream come true.  i would highly, highly recommend these.  then after copious amounts of my favorite chardonnay, we tucked into my inaugural batch of ice cream, salted caramel (happy birthday to me, indeed!), which i had bookmarked since last summer when it ran in gourmet magazine (baby, come back!).  this was glorious and decadent and will be made again and again.  the prep for this frozen concoction was labor intensive (think standing at the stove making dry caramel on a day with a heat index of 118 degrees) but oh, so worth it.  we stayed up late, gathered in our little living room, giggling and regaling each other with all sorts of stories.

my stack of printed entertainment. more.more.more.

saturday evan and i slept in late.  later than i have slept in a long time.  it was delightful.  we had a homemade breakfast and then parted ways for some errand-running.  it was another hot day in savannah, made slightly more bearable by imbibing (more like chugging) some freshly squeezed lemonade.  we did some apartment maintenance and then packed up and headed out to tybee island.  the remainder of the weekend from then on out was devoted to feverish reading (finished the girl who played with fire, am now barreling through this is where i leave you).  i amassed quite the new reading pile on my trip, which i am only too happy to spend lots of time with.  the tv barely made an appearance in my weekend (until shark week on sunday night), which i enjoyed more than i thought possible.

i am looking forward to this week, to continue devouring new books, getting the apartment pulled together, and then heading down the coast to florida next weekend to see my mom, sister, and the magical alberts women.

more later.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “lack of images, abundance of rest.

  1. bh

    well hello & many welcome back’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i’m reading this is where i leave you!!! oh-how-i-miss-you! my magical-sister-soul-mate-friend (my sister said she has not laughed out loud at such a smart book in a looong time. i was like, “sold!”)…i LOVE you. xoxox

    • ummmm, love that we are literally on the same page (book). i can’t help but feel like i’m reading a movie script, as the characters, plot, setting are so gorgeously flushed out. i am trying to read slllllllowly so i don’t burn through its amazingness too quickly.

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