take two.

lo and behold, i have already re-visited the fig, arugula, and gorgonzola pizzas.  no need to start the culinary week with any uncertainty…these were tried and true.  and i wanted to share them with you, virtually, finally.  again i opted to make mini-individual pizzas, since there were just two of us consuming them.  this way, we could have the original fig version for dinner and then switch it up for lunch leftovers…with a drizzling of olive vinaigrette in place of the figs and arugula.

heap of peppery arugula.

fig and gorgonzola awaiting its greenery.

mini pizza finished with a drizzle of balsamic, with vintage napkin. thanks, cookie.

our side last night was roasted cauliflower (again from my long bereaved love, gourmet) with a briny kalamata vinaigrette topping.  it was great, but unfortunately did not look so pretty, so i am omitting its visual presence.

mini pizzas with kalamata vinaigrette. hello, lunch.

the olive vinaigrette from the cauliflower, reappeared as the topping for the pizzas above.  double duty, here folks.  on top of all that, i managed to snap a picture of the last of the salted caramel ice cream.  beautiful stuff.

salted caramel ice cream in vintage champagne coupe. match made in heaven.

and with that, i am off for the day.  we are two for two in blog post count this week…here’s to keeping up the pace!

xo, anne



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2 responses to “take two.

  1. bh

    woodie and i must fend for ourselves this week, as you know. please give up the crusts, no the whole recipe. please, we are already starving….yum yum!!!!!!

  2. i am dying to try this! delicious. you are too fabulous for words, my dear.

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