time, she is flying.

it seems as though i may have jinxed myself…my hope to post at least once a day this week went out the window yesterday.  i got hit with a major case of the blahs.  and just felt uninspired and blech.  but, i am not down for the count!

i’m wearing a bit of newness today!  one of the many sartorial gems that i procured during my travels in my homeland.  i have yet to style her and i may have had to do some emergency strap repair but i am no less thrilled about this frock.  i think it’s safe to say that she will be decked out with some vintage brooches, wristfuls of bangles, and maybe a few big necklaces.  just  a shot in the dark, friends.

why, hello pretty friend.

your full skirtedness delights me.

and to solidify my belief that today is going to be nothing short of fantastic, i have the arcade fire unstaged show on tap for tonight.  i believe it’s the universe’s way of apologizing for the fact that savannah is not a tour stop for my most favoritest of musical geniuses.

little preview to stoke your excitement?

this band is so amazing in concert (i was fortunate enough to be witness to the magic twice while living in cities large enough to warrant a tour stop) and i may be mildly to overwhelmingly obsessed with the suburbs, their new album (cd?, whatever the correct music term is these days).  i strongly suggest that if you aren’t on a tour stop or didn’t get tickets that you put this on your calendar for tonight.

xo, anne


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