get on the bus, gus.

happy face. with rhinestones large and small, vintage and new.

why hello, saturday sunday.  please note the strike-throughs…this post was originally supposed to go up yesterday, but ultimately, i did not manage between flitting to and fro.  my weeks seem to be taking on a strange rhythm that doesn’t seem to follow the standard monday through friday.  this will most likely continue for the time being, as tonight last night i am embarking embarked on another little trip, down the coast.

on friday night evan and i ventured out of our kitchen for dinner, which is becoming a less and less frequent occurrence.  i love cooking for us, but sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to sit, people watch, and get served, all while dodging clean-up.  win, win.  especially after  a day.  we had a short and scenic walk to the crystal beer parlor, the dining venue of choice.

architecture with greenery and clouds.

skyline, with steeple...

perfectly blue...

my date, cozy in our little two person booth. with vintage-y signs as backdrop.

i indulged in meat for the first time since being back in savannah, with the most amazing cheeseburger i’ve had in a long time.  we re-connected after another busy, bustling week.  it was the perfect cap to the “workweek”.

yesterday i scrambled to get all of my ducks in a row before venturing down the coast to florida for a few days of unadulterated relaxation and sun consumption with my mom, sister, and two of our friends.  i had what can only be referred to as an incredibly memorable (albeit, slightly tortuous) travel experience on the greyhound bus.  arriving late last night (early this morning) after six hours with a motley crew, who seemed to be plucked straight from episodes of jerry springer, cops, and intervention.  it served to substantiate my feeling that it might be high time for me to purchase a vehicle.

and with that, i am off to bask in the sun, bob in the water (both pool and ocean, located mere feet from each other!), and cuddle near my lovely family.

xo, anne


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