my bags are not yet packed, but i (reluctantly) leave on the old greyhound bus in a few hours. the long “weekend” trip down the coast has gone too fast.  this means saying goodbye to our gracious, fantastic, entertaining hosts as well as my mom and sister. which i am loath to do.  a few highlights from the last couple of days…


apres dinner catfish swarm.

take two.

ice ice baby.


this trip has been utterly relaxing and magical.  our days have been filled with long talks over coffee each morning, gorgeous hours in the sun, lots of time in the water, giddy cocktail hour each afternoon, dinners on the water, and boatloads of laughter.  although i am so unexcited about my return trip via bus, i am very much looking forward to seeing evan, and preparing for some exciting new developments in savannah.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    a big HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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