for now…

the last morning of our trip. storm clouds, fighting for sky space with the sun.

what i would give to have this pool relocated to our back patio...

i have a couple remaining images from my amazing trip last week…as well as a diatribe of sorts regarding my dearth of posts recently.

so, i am going to be completely and brutally honest here, friends.  i am burnt out.  i don’t know if it’s the heat (i am doing my best not to lament savannah’s innate gift of steaminess), or all of the traveling i have done in the last couple of months (surely traveling via greyhound shortens one’s lifespan), or all of the excitement surrounding some new developments in my work life…but whatever “it” is has zapped my ability to form coherent sentences, let alone cobble together daily blog posts.

hopefully this will resolve itself shortly, as i am settling back into my daily routine, and august is coming to a close (which means the heat will hopefully begin to abate), and i start my new job (!!!!) a week from today.  i am so excited about how everything has miraculously come together at the tail end of summer in this wonderful and neat way.  i was offered a dream of a job a week ago (while on vacation, not sure there is a better time to get good news) and am just over.the.moon. about it.

so, this week i am wrapping some things up including: one last hurrah for the south magazine (without sharing any details, i will tell you that this has been so much fun…glue gun burns, not included), taming my wardrobe into some semblance of order (my closet looks like it belongs to someone from the show hoarders), and reigniting my inspiration.

from here on out i am aiming for twice to thrice weekly posts…and maybe, just maybe at some point i will return to the well-oiled daily blog-posting machine that i once was.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “for now…

  1. bh

    welcome back kotter!!!!!!!

  2. Caroline

    I think the heat has zapped my coherentness as well. Funny how I am always ready for the start of a season but glad to see it go….

    Hope all is well! xx

  3. Caroline

    ps – excuse my manners, C O N G R A T S on the job!

    • caroline,
      you are so sweet!!! thank you so much! hope all is fantastic with you!
      i am pining for fall but know that i will be regretting this greatly as soon as the temperature drops below sixty degrees…but, college football! the ability to eat / drink things that are of the warm to hot variety! boots!!!! layers!!!!

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